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Breeding Camels

Our team has an established relationships within the Australian camel industry and has successfully executed breeding camel exports from Australia. In partnership with renown cameleers we provide the expertise to train and halter your camel consignment in manageable readiness for their arrival at the end destination. This training is facilitated by experienced professionals in a stress and fear free manner established from years of handling experience within the camel industry.

Quality Without Compromise

Our uncompromising and experienced team together with trusted farming relationships provides international customers with the strongest access point for the supply of healthy, quality Australian livestock.

  • Successful experience in breeding camels export.
  • Established relationships within the Australian camel industry.
  • Best access to quality animals.
  • Expertise to train and halter your camel consignment.
  • Lifetime benefits gained from developed camel capabilities.
  • Best practice welfare, husbandry and nutritional standards for livestock.

Our Other Services

Our experience in quality Australian livestock extends across a wide range of species.

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Strict and proven processes that you can trust. Integral & robust systems enabling the successful execution of your livestock export or import requirements. That’s how we like to do business.

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